Five Reasons Why You Should Always Get A Pre-Listing Inspection.

Are you planning on selling your home or commercial real estate? If so, you’re probably thinking of ways to attract prospective buyers — and higher offers.

When it comes to getting the best price for your property (and the biggest profit for your sale), schedule a pre-listing inspection.

Here’s are five reasons why scheduling a pre-listing inspection benefits sellers:

  1. No surprises: Nobody likes surprises when it comes to selling their home or commercial property. With a pre-listing inspection, you get a holistic picture of your property’s condition, so you can plan and budget. Maybe you need upcoming repairs? You’re the owner, so you should be the first to know what issues could affect your property.
  2. Ensures a smoother, more efficient transaction: Pre inspections protect you from getting entangled in a lengthy TRR negotiating process. Since you disclosed defects and repaired them before listing your property, it’s less likely that prospective buyers will walk away or demand a lower price. By providing a pre-listing inspection report, you give potential buyers the chance to make an informed decision in advance.
  3. It provides a more accurate price: Maybe you don’t want to repair any issues found during a pre-listing inspection. No problem. Just list the property price as-is and include any known defects. If you make repairs, or have clean inspection reports, you can request top dollar. Either way, you’re empowering yourself.
  4. You can save money: When your prospective buyer initiates inspections, it usually results in long negotiations and cost overestimates. Without a pre-inspection report of your own, you have less negotiation power and can end up spending more money than if you made repairs before listing.
  5. It builds trust and goodwill: You want the best price for your property — but you want to do the right thing by your buyer too. Your reputation matters. By providing a pre-inspection report, and honestly disclosing issues and repairs regarding your property, your prospective buyers will see they are dealing with a reliable, trustworthy person. They may even decide to waive their home inspection contingency (we’ve seen it happen before). This saves both parties time and money, not to mention headaches. Talk about a win-win-win.

To get a complete picture of what a pre-sale inspection can do for your property, watch this brief video.

Schedule a pre-sale inspection Assured Home Inspectors and our experienced team will provide a top-to-bottom inspection that exceeds the state standards of practice and uses specialized state–of–the–art equipment.

We are licensed by the state of Oklahoma, certified, and insured, and back every property inspection with our 100% guarantee. If we miss anything during your home or commercial inspection, we will buy back the property for the full purchase price. Period.

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